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Relaunching of Latest TCA by Mohanlal
"Generations to come, it may be, will scarce believe that such one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth". Ė Albert Einstein.
If the above quote on the father of our nation could be applicable to some one in the tinsel town today, it has to be this man who has won place in the hearts of millions for more than over 30 years now, Mohanlal.
An actor beyond boundaries, Mohanlal has been lauded by critics and masses alike. Having championed the cause of meaningful and entertaining movies through out his eventful career of three decades, it was not a bed of roses for him. Breaking in to the world of glamour and fame as an anti-hero, Lalís rise to the Numero Uno position of Malayalam film industry is unmatchable. The growth was rock steady and thoroughly deserved; through a series of characters that he has immortalized Lal ensured a place in the hearts of his audience.
A superstar rarely goes on to become 'The Complete Actor'; he is one such blessed talents.
www.thecompleteactor.com is a dedication to the living legend from his loving fans.
Mohanlal, has approved the portal to be his channel of communication to the cyber world and a one stop place where one can know about Mohanlal the actor as well as the person.
Developed by a group of enthusiastic youngsters, the portal will contain more than 5000 photographs of Lal which include his personal moments as well. The site will also host exclusive photographs and videos featuring Lal.
The portal was conceptualized by Nikhil KK, Unnikrishnan and Varkey Vettoor and the team ramped up when Nebul Thomas, Rejeesh NR, Sivakumar S, Hari Sankar, Sajiv Soman and Renjith KR joined them. They approached Mohanlal with the idea and once they got the go ahead, preparation went in full throttle. Research and data collection on Mohanlal and his movies took up the lionís share of the effort and time. Their commitment and dedication was duly rewarded by the star who agreed to make the site his official online portal.
We claim that the site would hold all information on Mohanlal, his movies, new releases and ventures. A download area which contains ringtones, wall papers and trailers have also been included. The major attraction is the 'Hand written blog of Mohan Lal' feature which enable the users to send their wishes, love and even criticism to the star. He has promised to respond to selected messages as and when he finds time. Mohanlal also plans to use it as a platform to interact with his fans and public, by letting his thoughts reach out to them.
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We are here to club together all Mohanlal fans round the world, and to promote his movies globally. 
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